Case & Supervision

EDP Vision Miljö

Complete business system with supervision records, case and document handling!

EDP ​​Vision Miljö is designed for a quick and easy registration of supervision objects, items, cases and events. Use existing standard reports, see the current and future tasks directly on the home page and take advantage of the "check off " function for your data.

To ensure the Privacy Act PUL and existing confidentiality requirements, safety is a priority in EDP Vision Environment. By mail and directory permissions right information is directed to the right person. A complete committee- and meeting management is integrated into the system and standard reports ensure an easy extraction of necessary reports. It contains a complete template and document management, and the possibility of creating an unlimited number of one's own directories.


EDP ​​Vision is a series of programs that together form comprehensive IT solutions for case and document management for all aspects of public administration, government agencies and companies. The programs are built on a base module that handles all the basic functions of the system. It is complemented with one or more programs for the activities that need to be handled. It is therefore easy to expand with more activities and areas when the requirements change.