Debit Water & Waste

EDP Future Avfall

Market-leading system for managing all the information and billing of waste!

EDP ​​Future Avfall handles all waste and information concerning customers' waste services. From the customer dialogue in EDP Future Avfall you reach, with a single touch, all parts of the system. In this function, which is developed in cooperation with our 190 customers, you can find the simplicity and flexibility you want when you are working within a well-thought out system.

Whilst in a conversation with the customer, you can directly reach all related information, such as facility, service, creating orders , managing financial matters, route lists and more. If you prefer to work from a geographical perspective with an integrated map and have direct access to property information that is available too. 

It is also easy to directly work with emptying frequencies, hazardous waste, tariffs, billing, settlement entrepreneur, statistics and vehicles. In the work flow from a scheduled service, communication to the vehicle, the feedback from the driver's order, deviation, etc. it is very useful to integrate the system with our EDP Mobile.

Since the system is developed in consultation with our customers, the focus is on functionality and flexibility in the everyday work. We start every piece of work by listening to our customers' requests. 

The number of standard key features is high, please see below. Additions are available in a wide range, which complements and completes the system. Please contact us for more information!



EDP ​​Future is a series of programs that together form a comprehensive business system for all debit, particularly for municipalities but also for certain entrepreneurial activities. The programs are built on a base module that handles all basic functions of the system. It is complemented with one or more programs for the activities that will be handled. It is therefore easy to expand with more activities and domains, all adaptable as the requirements change.