Debit Water & Waste

EDP Mobile

Computerized emptying registration of vehicles for handling waste! 

EDP Mobile is a vehicle system that helps drivers and administrative staff regarding emptying registration of vessels, containers and mud. EDP Mobile is part of a comprehensive solution that EDP Consult has developed  (Computerized emptying registration) that provides a functional flow from when a service is planned and performed to invoicing in a business system, such as EDP Future. This provides the basis for a rational and efficient management of household waste, sludge / latrine and producer materials (container handling). EDP Mobile works both when performing the services in-house and / or if you hire an external contractor.


EDP Mobile Admin is a client used in the office for the operational planning of the various assignments that the vehicles have and perform. In EDP Mobile Admin vehicles can be monitored in real time with map support, and reprogramming of the assignments is also performed if the existing conditions change.


  • Statistics on completed assignments / deviations as per their specified conditions
  • Map support
  • Overview of vehicle park
  • Planning, re-planning and dividing of assignments
  • Messaging management


EDP Mobile Vehicle is a system that is located in the vehicles and provides daily support to the driver to easily find and perform planned tasks. Each assignment is performed more efficiently and the flow of information is quality assured by using map support and clear information on each assignment. If issues would arise during the assignment, the driver can easily add deviations which are sent to the office in real time in order for the office to take further action.

  • Connection to RFID / weighing system
  • Map support
  • Management of route lists and orders
  • Enter deviations
  • Updating of customer information in the operating system (eg coordinates, priority rules, notes)
  • Messaging management


EDP has extensive experience in introducing Computerized emptying registration and can provide both project managers and documentation.